The Southern Tigers need you!!

Join the Tigers as a financial member.


Why be a financial member of the Southern Tigers Basketball Association?

1) Support your club by being a voice and having voting rights at the Annual General Meetings. Your vote counts and the more voices the louder the Tigers Roar!

2) Be eligible to be a member of the STBA Executive Committee as positions become vacant or open for nominations. You can make a difference.

3) You receive 5 items up to $5.00 in value from the Canteen or Bar, effectively getting your money back.

4) Many hands make light work, with more members the possibility of sub-committees increases improving club participation engagement.


The costs are, a $20.00 once joining fee as per the Liquor Licensing Act, and a $25.00 annual fee to maintain your membership. So for new members the first year is $45.00.

Membership period is from the 1st of July to the 30th of June annually.


Don’t just sit back and be a spectator be a real member and help our club be at the top. Members make clubs stronger.

Become a Member
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